Monday 7th July



Drawn to watch the rhythm of the speed of rubber
rolling over blacktop in the sun, propelled by muscle
& tissue. Vibrant colours of sweaty lycra, mirrored eyes
& plastic heads. Skin & bone hurtling violently between
the serenity of the green, that will still be here, growing
season’s crop between the dirt & the sky,long after we’ve all
moved on.


One thought on “Monday 7th July

  1. your works called upon recently on along distance bike ride… speeding thought the countryside of south west Ireland… especially during the early hours of the morning trying to get to next stage point before the dawn… ‘Witness’ hit home… “a ride along the road… take in all your life… only to find it didn’t go to the place you thought it would arrive…” but that’s ok… it’s all about adapting to the new destinations šŸ™‚

    thanks for keeping me company, alert and sane…

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