Wednesday 9th July



Breakfasted with enthusiastic cricket youths,
this season’s team strips, muscular, full of hope.
Black dressed executive women, greyed-out men,
peppered with t-shirted retirees, grateful for a
buffet freebie. Taxi’s wait to take them out into
the sun, the city greets them with all it’s best
stuff on display, open arms. Another day in the
company of artists I enjoy, inspiration freely
exchanged, laughter in the exploration of music
& words. The shock of last night’s football filtered
through soundproofed walls, friendships growing
behind secret doors. Did you slept well my friend?
Are you doing what you want today?


One thought on “Wednesday 9th July

  1. Not much sleep here really, it’s kind of a tropical heat in our country.
    So at least I skipped the black dress today. The two executive women I met were wearing white and we all drove our own cars with full AC 🙂

    Besides my trial & error with Ableton Live (what a nightmare that software is!) I chose to paint instead during the last two evenings…

    …apropos of who is “making art for no one beneath the glow of a half-moon sky sail drowning in cloud”
    I´m still working on getting rid of the glow of the moon.
    Soon 🙂

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