Wednesday 30th July



Sleepless nights filled with vivid dreams of crazy
relationships I thought were real – woke to
fiction relief. Take out the bins, watch corn dance
in the breeze, connect to it’s tousled groove.
I want to break language, not tell stories for a while,
make noises, only fragmentary words, mouth sounds filtered
by specific emotions. Standing in crop dust grass at the
edge of a field, thick cloud between us & the sun, I’m
grateful for a day’s relief from the heat & still recovering
from a night of vivid dreams of you.


3 thoughts on “Wednesday 30th July

  1. Dear Karl, i have a bit of a solution to the disappointment of not getting tickets to the Southbank gig. How about a live feed into the south bank foyer, so that your life long fans can come down and be a part of this momentous occasion. Barry

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