Wednesday 13th August



The Essex night sky was illuminated by a fat diminishing moon
making people crazy. Faces hardened in bitter contortions,
frustrations, stress, emotions on a knife edge. Satellites
arcing between stars went un-noticed, the cool night air
went un-breathed as we dodged the wound-up & the righteous
wobbling around the house like a ball-bearing bouncing wild &
loose inside a ball.You can fight fire-with-fire for so long,
but where’s the fun, the sun, in that? Take a drive, listen to
the rhythm of the white line beneath your tyres, cats-eyes
flicking the underside of your rubber. Flip on the headlights,
transform summer nights into theatres of vibrant green,
tunnels beneath whose arches scurry tiny things, frantic rhythm
of their miniature limbs make you smile, slow down & chill
behind the wheel. Park up & walk between the rows of midnight
shelf stackers, sit on your bonnet in an empty car park, let
the heat of the engine make you feel good. Breath. Take time,
look up at the stars, counting satellites & the winking lights
of late night long haul flights. Reconnect with the moment in
the moment & laugh…


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