Thursday 11th September



The Nurse said, “I can’t find a vein, let me try again”
I laughed “Take your time, this is fun…”
She was cool, had soothed hundreds of stressed men,
I trusted her, my best alternative, she went in again & again
& again…
“I think I’m going to have to use the butterfly” she tutted.
“Yeah, you said that the last time I came. What happened
to my records?”
“Y’know sometimes the blood gets separated from the
“Like it’s getting separated from me?”
“Well there’s nothing coming out at the moment, you may
have to come back again”
“Do you think the blood is on holiday?”
“Let me try your other arm”
“This is fun”
“Make a fist”
“I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather be right now”
“I don’t think you have any blood today”
“Yeah, that happens”
“Wait a minute…”
“I’m not going anywhere with this needle in my arm”
“Here it comes…”
“Oh joy!”
“Oh there’s loads now!”
“What a laugh”
“I’m going to send this one directly this time”
“Maybe by pigeon?”


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