Sunday 28th September



With dance music again, played loud in the car, connected, building sculptures driving, night, happy, piano riffs & a diva dishing blocks of vocal tones,


One thought on “Sunday 28th September

  1. Seems like Hiroshi Sugimoto has a same taste of picturing open sea and horizon as me. The difference is that my version is windy. Just the way we like it 🙂
    No Line On The Horizon. Inspiring album indeed.

    Oh Josephine,
    The best of us are geniuses of confession
    Choose your enemies carefully in case they will be your passion
    Make them interesting in case they will tell you
    They’re not here to fight but only to love you

    Is it true that perfect love drives out all fear?
    The right to appear ridiculous is something I do my dear
    Though I never doubt my beliefs and certainty
    I should stop helping God across the road before it turns to an enemy

    Oh Josephine,
    You are the queen, the others need dopamine
    Your kingdoms need faith so keep it in search
    Ban the pedophiles, evolve the church
    And love will be with you without any end
    Going to last with you longer than your people, lover and friend

    Would it make it easier to dream your dream?
    Wrapped in gold and whipped cream
    With high heeled boots on oriental rugs
    The only thing I dream of is his kisses and hugs
    Wrapped in gold and whipped cream
    Oh Josephine

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