Thursday 2nd October



On the tube, on the street, all eyes on devices, all ears in wires. Real-world smudged, rubbed out, reduced –
Everything/nothing is real.


3 thoughts on “Thursday 2nd October

  1. Tomato (English) = Tomat (Swedish) = Paradicsom (Hungarian) = Paradise (English)
    …and you hear only your own God and you can explore the roads of telepathy until you either get lost or get stuffed with its mysterious ways.
    Isn’t it fantastic?
    Been there and done that already in the early 90´s, long before all devices, wires, social media and IT virus came, so I know the origins of the addiction has nothing to do with the new technology.
    I must say I am most fascinated by the human brain. What a divine place!
    …and you are in there in mine with your sound and soul, although I prefer to see you perform live, which I already did twice of course

    LOVE 🙂

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