Tuesday 7th October



There’s a drumming on the roof in the dark, a rhythmic hissing from the black-top beyond the trees, the morning kiss of an Autumn chill as a dispassionate clock dishes the 6:00am alarm. Check my bones, my skin, my head, listen for breathing next to me…silence. Was it a row?, a call to nurse the sick?, an early rise for an overdue promise?, are we still speaking? I feel around for all my parts, state of mind, health & find that nagging cold still knocking on the back door to be let in, full blown bedridden, but I have no time for the luxury of illness. The dark & cold hold the seed of a thrill so I grab it & ride it’s energy like a parasite all the way to the Emerald City, fortified on throat coat & honey, fresh bees fed on Thyme from the other side of the sun, slip a couple of Red & Greens onto the tongue & surf them down the hole on the sting of cold water. Brixton, it’s been a long time. The buzz of legend memory, nights in public, full illumination & the dark trawling skull-dug of a dogboy on the hunt. Brixton in daylight feels wrong & suits my mood. I want to walk in the sun, soak up the light & store it for Winter. My first exhibition of the day is on the pages of Time Out – a small portable paper gallery. The first art of the day is rendered in ink, ‘gallery’ is just a state of mind as I jump the kick drum & ride.


4 thoughts on “Tuesday 7th October

  1. Love this one

    and the video with John Cage painting around stones saved my veekend!

    Ha..ha… have I told you about my car accident on new years day 1990? It made me see things in a new light when I woke up a day later.
    My father died without paying (he left only debts and a nice name) but he had his own accident just before he passed of cancer. He was indeed a heartless devil 🙂
    During this weekend I discovered this one:

    Now I remember why I stopped watching TV, especially MTV in 1993-94.

  2. Imagining knowledge shared slides along as living energy, silent in my back garden with rippling sunlight traveling flashes flow bringing back shadow, clicked camera , soaked up a little light, caught lovely, reminds me of you, stored in a photo, snapped it yesterday, just moments after I learned a new word, *Synesthesia. May it find you on a winters day like good curry. Feel your best please 🙂 *

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