Thursday 9th October



I don’t know what to write, I’m rinsed out by yesterday’s
broadcast. The journey we’ve been on, this road, has taken
some twists I thought I didn’t have the wheels to drive
& yet, here we are, a kick drum & a light bulb, two voice
& feet determined to dance. I love what Norman Mailer says,
recounting that night in the dressing room with the great
Mohamed Ali before The Rumble in The Jungle. Everyone
around him is racked with fear for what they believe is
going to be a mauling of their man, but the great man
inspires them with the words,
“What are we gonna do? We’re gonna dance!”


4 thoughts on “Thursday 9th October

  1. Still in awe because of yesterdays broadcast!
    We´re gonna dance Karl…. next March defo 🙂
    With so much love – thank you!
    x (I)

  2. I am getting ready to head to O’Hare Airport in Chicago to travel to London – specifically for your show Saturday night. I will be meeting other friends from around the U.S. whose lives have been so dramatically touched, altered, moved and inspired by your music. We come in honor and in memory of our dear friend (and my soulmate) Brian Streeter – one of your BIGGEST fans of all time! Your first concert in the US many years ago was ironically on his birthday. In addition to seeing every Underworld show played in Chicago, he and I traveled to New York and Denver to take in your genius. Sadly he has passed away, but we know that he will be with us in spirit. Thank you for your contributions, your poetic words, your trailblazing music and vision and most of all for uniting a group of souls who believe that the creations of Underworld are some of the most brilliant in music history. I am certain that the emotion of hearing dubnobasswithmyhead live is going to be overwhelming – as I remember Brian and hear his voice singing… Everything, everything, everything, everything, hurting no one. I already have chills! Indeed – we’re gonna dance.

  3. Some people really went there I heard.
    “What’s the point, if you can’t go there?” he said.
    What’s going on in your head when you’re dancing?

    Me & Light Alone in the Dark

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