Saturday 11th October



Porridge, Herb tea (the proper stuff screws my singing),
Bagel with honey, Herb tea (a different sort – I get bored!).
Walk in the fields, warm Autumn sunlight on my back, chill,
drive to the station, catch a train to the Emerald City.
Meet some friends, have some fun, come home.


4 thoughts on “Saturday 11th October

  1. No more sleeps. These are My intentions. PUSHIN into new territory. Full on leap forward from what was to what Is. Crash, bang, wallop and were there (R.F.H.)
    Fodder to Faddah, plastic Paddy, Stepney born. Himself the Essex stole my voice, lost my friend of Scribbles, revealed too soon and not taken well… Speechless, fear for a while but now back on board.
    It’s all good. My friend and my Earbrains separated again.
    These are My intentions, Pushin forward.
    Shiv 🙂

  2. Karl, loving herb tea but i always think peppermint is so full of promise but fails to deliver. Hearing lots of born slippy lately and played it on my radio show last week as well. Timeless. Keep well. Gary

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