Wednesday 15th October



Fog in the distance conceals someone over there looking over here,
thinking I’m their fog in the distance. Walk the early dirt track,
soak up the sounds of a morning gifted to boys on journeys.
Birds on wires, the black winged marks of a music in my head.
The rhythm of the crunch underfoot, the muted whisper of grasses
heavy with dew. Slip your hands out of your pockets, feel the
thrill of a cold sting, knuckles pink, cheeks blushed, taught as
bongo skins, eyes clear, everything in 3D.


One thought on “Wednesday 15th October

  1. Ciao karl ,il mondo ha bisogno di più semplicità ,non superficialità……meno giri di parole, più contenuti ……….semplicità…..:)

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