Saturday 18th October



“Morning Karl”
“Morning throat, what bring’s you here? Why so up tight?”
“Think of it as a warning?”
“Like a contract?”
“No, like a ‘warning’ ”
“What’ve I done?”
“Are you joking?”
“Have I done something to upset you?”
“Ok, you’re pushing now – be careful!”
“What’ve I done?”
“What’ve you not done?”
“Like what?”
“Keep going”
“Talked low?”
“We’re getting somewhere now”
“Genius! – more…”
“Looked after you?”
“Sorry mate”
“Like I said, I’m here in the capacity of your ‘early warning’ ”
“You’re right, I forgot, thanks”
“It’s my job.”
“Yeah, I know, I feel stupid now”
“Well, you’ve been too busy to listen & you know what happens”
“Have a laugh?”
“Go on”
“OK,…sonny, run along”


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