Friday 24th October



Yeah, too busy rattling around in this head to notice
Friday slipping away. I woke up with that familiar
noise between the ears & a pressure I recognised as
frustration with myself. So I drove, parked, took a
walk, breathed & looked around. I let my eyes & my feet
drift & didn’t question time or direction & slowly
this tension slid off me, focus returned & the feet
brought me back to the studio. You would’ve laughed
at how every machine did it’s own thing, nothing worked
the way I wanted, but I chuckled, slowed down
& nudged forward inch by inch. By the end of the day
I’d amassed recordings that hadn’t existed at breakfast
& no matter if they get used for this record or the next,
they no longer only live inside my head, rattling around,
making that familiar mocking sound.
That’s how come I forgot to write to you & though I’m
sorry to have neglected our packed, it turned out
nice in the end…


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