Tuesday 28th October



I see a man talking to a picture of himself on his
phone camera, walking down the street, arm outstretched
for the full effect. A busker boy shreds in a doorway with
a priceless guitar as the smiles of bicycle bell ringers
float past like clouds of night flies, blown on a warm breeze
between luminous elephant buses. All the lights are blazing
on the street tonight, everybody hungry for what’s inside.
Up a quiet side street a travel agent taps the keys after hours,
dressed in an England shirt, grinning to himself, alone in the
glow of the screen. As the crowd closes in around me a woman
I never met comes close & says,
“Hello Darling”
in my ear, then slips away as I descend into the underground.
There’s a feeding frenzy at the free paper stand as we all
plunge into the world below. Everyone grabbing the evening news
to sweeten the journey home.

listening to ‘Inner Earth’ by Møster! today


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