Thursday 30th October



There’s a gathering to say goodbye – a friend,
a ship on the shores of Never-Never Land.
There’s an energy left behind by his moving on
you can taste & it’s sweet. Everybody got some
when he drove into town, every room with him
in it was the place to be. A relentlessly gentle
man who shook your hand & made you believe he
was pleased you came. Never raised my voice
around him, never show-boated or swore.
Like it’s says “talk low”, that’s what he did
& it spread to everyone around him. Athletic
& struck down, did the right thing & struck down,
helped anyone in trouble & struck down, but I’m
done with complaining about the big plan. This
was a man who lived the years I knew him as the
best man he could be on any given day & that
transmitted good energy. He didn’t die a looser
& he didn’t die sad, he didn’t die at all.


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