Tuesday 4th November



Had the Mac Attack today, it stole my soul & left me
wanting more. It’s a fabulous machine in all it’s wonders,
can break a man with the simplest of functions.
The Angels of the Mac descend upon me laughing,
snatch away my coms & keyholes. All my doors
are locked & every knock I give is wrong.
The Mac is a vicious animal, it lulls me into believing
it’s my friend, offers me happiness, access to all the
wonders of the universe & beyond, will even look after
all my precious, then one day bare it’s teeth. It used
to be a placid tool, it used to be so simple, now it’s
a fashion accessory, now it wants ALL of me. Join the
tribe, be one of us, happy smiling faces run through
meadows of blossom code, the road takes me to Stepford,
Pass the gingham, I feel an upgrade coming on.


One thought on “Tuesday 4th November

  1. @k.:no panic,you are not alone in mac,i’m arrestet there too.If you like to have an sweet little data….:it would be a great pleasure for me.

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