Tuesday 2nd December



I know a man
Who crashed with a limp
Crushed his jewels into the petrol tank
He gets back on & rides
Into walls on black ice
I know a man
Who loves his machines
Drives deserts & Ocean highways
Shunted by young studs
In high power motors
I know man
Loves the open road
Gets back on & rides


One thought on “Tuesday 2nd December

  1. The man I heard today was a true poet from home with exquisite rhyme.
    He sang something like:

    If there is nothing good in what you have in sight
    If it does not make you happy to find your way home
    If the headlight drilling through the shield of the night
    And four wheels drum and whisper – you have to move on
    If you see too much dirt that you want to purify and clean
    He will wash away the sorrow – The King of Rain.

    Me? I use windshield washer fluid most of the time instead of waiting for the rain 🙂

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