Sunday 14th December



Up before the sun, Disney fields encrusted, heavy frost crunch,
singularly satisfying tiny destructions. Sugar coated impressions
of our comedy feet map duck-waddles (thought I was cooler).
A quiet & private world for solitary unwelcome cars
brandishing brash full beams, neutered in velvet black,
their cautious navigation muffled in sub zeros.
I feel safe, remote, detached from the noise of the wrinkle,
the rush of unharvested ambitions swept into piles at the end
of year. Let’s burn them, warm ourselves like chestnuts, get
a tan. The sound of our breath unfamiliar, exhale follow twelve
month after inhale. This time to think, this precious moment
in which I want you, call you, make the air vibrate with the
sound of your voice. We would designate it ‘ART’ & laugh, rub our
faces in the stars & shower in meteorite tails with no one to
witness our delirium.


4 thoughts on “Sunday 14th December

  1. Whoever she is, she’s lucky to have you want her so much.

    I’m still enjoying the heat of africa. It would be good to catch up properly when i get back next year sometime. if you have the time.

  2. A piece of Sweden.
    I heard it for the first time yesterday live at Globen Stockholm.

    Globen Julgalan (Christmas Gala) was one of the worst things I have experienced, except this song, that obviously only I could hear in the noise of forks and knives.
    Believe it or not I was probably the only one who applauded among all +1000 people there!!!
    I never thought music and art could be so abused and misplaced that I would feel sorry for it, but yesterday I really did.

    Love you ❤

    /Andrea K.
    a.k.a Maria Szenti

  3. Hey karl,
    Mad fun ,was lucky to meet john w.tried to meet u at melb edge land tour,ur sister was there and they wouldn’t let me go backstage wif john.thnx for signing my stuff,made my year as I am not a creepy fan just love ur music and art.oz waits ur arrival,if this is Yannick past this msg bucket list is to meet rick and u karl.have a paint whatever.ur melb mate Sammy resets

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