Friday 26th December



No one sees the madness concealed, the look in the eye,
the heat applied to the pressure points when backs
are turned. The freak-out & the melt-down reserved
for those special occasions when no witness is around
except for those who for years rebounded. Let it slip by
on the other side, pick up your broom to sweep your own
street. It’s not easy, didn’t say it would be,
under fire daily, hold it together for eternal love & vows,
promises made & meant back then that still are now.
Dark bomb destruction, mood swinger, face changer, bitter
tight lipped, cold stare look in the eye. Transformer, change
that face you love to dangerously unfamiliar, the warm light
turning cold ripples sweep the room, the house, the day,
rock you just enough & glitch you, stop the new groove you were
riding out from your own head,  stop your one’s & zeros dead.
Rhythm ride you, out of shadow whispered
drag-you-down-if-you-come-with-me, watching powerless on the
outside of your listening to the darkside.


One thought on “Friday 26th December

  1. Without treading too closely into personal thoughts and feelings – although it’s a great strength that you can share them! – I’ll just wish you luck against the darkside and share a voice with you, one who always gave me that extra bit of fortitude:

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