Wednesday 31st December



Last night, everyone in bed, sitting quiet in a back room,
lights out, alone, listening to the house settle on it’s bones.
Eyes closed, breathing, fall-out wreckage strewn up the road,
a debris of shattered glass words, regrets, but all of it
‘outside’, nothing in here. The house tic,tic,ticked, the pile
on the carpet exhaled, cushions relaxed as I let go, floating
on whispers. Out in the garden you’d left a candle burning,
something to light the way for the lost & abandoned, flame
dancing in a glass, skeleton wind, cold to razor cut you.
Spoke your name at your bedroom door, but you were sleeping.
Walked around the house with no direction, punch drunk,
following a beacon, an almost indiscernible sound calling me
away from the rocks, into open waters.


One thought on “Wednesday 31st December

  1. You bring light in…
    To a dark place
    Walking in light
    Glowing walking in light
    Gold ring around you
    The hues of you
    The golden sunlight of you
    You bring light in…

    ….Ok, it should be a video with sound & everything, but I hade great fun with an iPad and my fireplace during this holiday.

    Happy New Year’s Eve!

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