Tuesday 13th January



Drove to the station at sunrise, thin milk sky, Blue.
Cars in Blacks & Greys, metal, rubber & glass, all the
colour stuff locked up for summer cruising. You & me
riding in the glow of a radio dial, sound off, we savour
silence. When you speak, the sound of your voice, you could
say anything, electrifies the moment in the moment, ignites
the air, spotlit in headlight’s glare, I grinning. We nod &
note the tired faces, the Rabbit eyes, caught in headlights
as we weave between, unspoken in our ritual silence. We don’t
need to say anything, why?, when for years all we’ve done is
point & smile & drop a word, a tone, a wink, acknowledging that
same experience, witnessed it together, life.  Sharing this time
without the need to say anything is more precious to me now than
it was when we first met.
Back then, back in Romford 1990’s I had no idea it would all go
so soon. The taxi drivers & the geezers, all the ones that went
before told me,
“Savour every second, son, it’ll all be gone before you blink”
I haven’t closed my eyes since then, afraid to let them close,
don’t want to miss anything, walking corridors at night to
listen to your breathing, lit up, shaking, just to see you,
sit in silence by your side, driving you anywhere. The silence
‘with you’ is better than a thousand phone calls ‘without’.

Listening to YEAH YEAH NOH


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