Tuesday 10th February



On a Scottish island, floating in a sea of England,
an heroic monument, symbol of optimism, fallen from the stars.
Theatre of hope & regeneration, new generation, nation seed of
decimated industry, box of burnished glass & steel, proudly set
it’s jaw against a crystal sky, summer cast a glance over the
bitter streets of winter.

Pull you collar tight, meet you on the second tear, get ’em in at
‘Planet Coffee’, the soldier from Croatia meets the soldier from
The Troubles, exchanging empathetic glances, hang his poems on the
wall for all & craving, desire, ambition, beaten down but still
getting back up. Push-chair moms, retirees, flat-screen tele on a
bracket in the corner radiates violent colours, adds for mothers
stuck at home & others & the smiles behind the counter serving heat
in paper cups with love.
Stand with me on the second tear, silent in the pink light of
late afternoon & breath. Rhythm of feet below us, crossing precincts,
mapping habits, systematic routes, wheels & heels in motion, going
somewhere, digging in, standing up, pulling rabbits out’ve hats,
a long way from the speak & spin of that other country in the South.


One thought on “Tuesday 10th February

  1. I have 3 tickets and club entrances for Amsterdam, 25 march to sell. Can’t make it to Europe then. Anyone interested?

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