Thursday 12th February



I’m repelled by the smell of chlorine coming out the bathroom tap
as I bend to clean my teeth, drunk from oxygen deprivation in
preference to sleep, rare to find my bedroom window closed, no
matter what the season, must be getting soft – hold me.
Familiar morning, grey light, steam rising from the roofs of the
monumental stone facades of lush & loaded architecture from
the first time this city found it’s pride.
Manchester, can’t express my love enough, Red or Blue your groove
is in the bone. Brought me home broken from solitary confinement,
the misery of a California sofa surfer. Fed & watered me, nurtured
back to health, re-educated me, turned my feet & taught me how to
dance, changed my future. Fools Gold, Step On, doctors Bez & Brown,
& 25 years before, never let me down then either, whispered in my ear,
“Don’t do it!” when I was about to choose a career that would’ve
killed me. Manchester, you always had my back, don’t know why or
what I’ve done to deserve you, got my camera & note book here & two
fists full of dreams, walk with me again & let me listen to your song.


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