Tuesday 24th February



There’s that owl, two calls for the end of night, every night!
Thanks Owl, I was hoping we could do a deal, let me get some
sleep, health in remission, recovering from another blow up,
but the body’s like a missile, autogyro set to target Bristol.
I have faith in this old friend, gets over everything & does
it’s job, crashes heavy after maybe, but never cancelled a gig
because of it. Don’t think about it, you’ll give it a name
& names become beliefs that imaginary things are real.
Still dark, alarm clock ticks a little louder.
Sun not yet even a rumour & body wont go back to sleep,
the sleep it didn’t get to hours before, walking the night
corridors, a dog moving circles in it’s basket for comfort.
I consider getting up & writing in the kitchen, think better
of it, negotiate a drift, surf the edge of sleep, I don’t mind,
it’s warm in here, thoughts not clear enough to engage me,
I’ll build a raft of nothings & float.
Check the head,…ok
Throat’s as dry as prehistoric bark, cracked, rasping,
sipping water, band my head, set the alarm back 30 minutes,
Check the head,…, seems you’ve been thinking too hard again.


4 thoughts on “Tuesday 24th February

  1. Hey you,here is one of the little airghosts.It could be dangerous for me to write this but-
    i miss you letter today and so i wish you feel better very soon.

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