Thursday 12th March


Woke up in a Glasgow bus station, a stickman on the blacktop 
between the buses. People go about their business, don’t see me. 
High up above the streets, crane drivers sleep off heavy nights, 
wake them when you want them, sleeping in their cabs, chemically 
re-arranged, still dreaming of bouncing Barrowlands. 
No one pushes me or sees the pixels dance like you. I lie down 
between sleeping buses let the city’s song drift over me & now 
you’re back I’m happy. 


3 thoughts on “Thursday 12th March

  1. Amazing show last night, thank you for taking my friends & I back to when dance music had an edge to it. Great atmosphere & hope you enjoyed Glasgow’s hospitality!!’

    Best of luck for the rest of the tour!!

    All the best & thank you!

    Elliot 🎶

  2. …& now ur back im happy 2..blowing invisible kisses @ u…stick’n stickers on ur fly by nite bat graffitti follows u*

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