Sunday 22nd March



Awake on a moving bus at 4:00am, broke sleep through prolonged
road vibrations, human milkshake. Woke up in a lorry park on the
edge of town, throat still a mess, waiting for hotel rooms,
power off, grey light, ribbed in Top Rank rope lights, gentleman’s
club, alone at a rubber topped table, oil lamp, dancing voluptuous
erotics, 1960’s swinging London, the entire contents of my
adolescent longings in one little table lamp, mashed wheat &
rice milk, tea-less.
Scrub teeth, wash face with bottled water, kettle resurrection
delivers black tea happiness, clouds part, shadows sharpen, the
call expected hours away comes early, offers sanctuary, four walls
& a shower, amazing hot water spiritual revival dance amongst clean
white towels, radio 4 on the lap top, kettle’s second brew, body
coming back on line, divine.


2 thoughts on “Sunday 22nd March

  1. How I love the moment of discovering your new diary entry daily. London is enjoying a brief moment of blue sky and spring afternoon yellow sun. Hope honey is doing its work on soothing your throat. I must thank for your throat as your voice enlivens me x

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