Sunday 29th March



Back in Mother Essex I miss the tour already, the team around us,
the venues, the house crews, caterers, traffic cones, debris,
the signature sounds & the charismatic odours of the cities we visited,
the buses that were our home-from-homes, the fresh towels 7 the shower
stalls we scrubbed in every morning behind stage & the trucks that
were loaded-unloaded every day, carrying our heavy metals as delicately
as hens eggs. I miss mapping unfamiliar streets, scraping words,
snapping sight-specific works off pavements,
notebook & camera, notebook & camera, capturing the cracks, the marks,
the beautiful dirt you left for me to find. The energy that’s gone
into this run of shows was enormous, made good people ill & yet
produced results that gave thousands of people happiness & left me
with one clear thought, that, of all tours that I have ever been on
this one was my favourite.


4 thoughts on “Sunday 29th March

  1. So previledged to have seen you on stage and joined the crowd on your favourite tour to date!
    Thank you for inspiring us and giving us good energy.

  2. We saw you in Glasgow at The Royal Concert Hall….F A B U L O U S !! One of the best nights ever…Thankyou 🙂

  3. Well it certainly gave me and the missus a lot of happiness Karl! Lucky enough to have caught the shows at Royal Festival Hall and also Casino de Paris. Could hardly walk the day after the French gig, had jumped about so much the night before! Looking forward to ‘Second Toughest’ tour already in a year or so’s time!! Thanks for the great memories

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