Wednesday 1st April



Don’t have to build sculptures, I find ’em lying around,
scattered across cities, allies, tracks & fields, you
leave these cairns to mark your passing, dumped, ditched,
spattered, meticulously arranged, I follow where you leave.
Started as distraction from the boredom of waiting at bus stops
as a child, getting lost in minutia, the details & stuff
between the cracks in concrete & blacktop. Brutalist constructions,
ritual spaces, the red & white cones & poles of Navvies laying &
digging up roads. Industrial packaging, cardboard, sticky tape,
the marks accrued by passing through postal systems. Road markings,
tar, chalk, white & yellow lines. I have a piece of Cardiff in my
studio, a chunk of yellow painted inadvertently across a scrap of
card left lying in the gutter when parking restrictions were laid.
It languishes between the Pioneer CDJ’s & the Technics deck.
Art, squeezed between the tracks of a relentless groove.


2 thoughts on “Wednesday 1st April

  1. Later,when i’m coming home this morning and before sleeping,i can show you the postcard, that lovelly peace i found yesterday in taxi nr.6. But mostly i would like seeing too hu.

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