Tuesday 7th April



Scrape frost of the car, drive into bright sunlight,
empty roads, empty carpark at the 24 hour shop.
Cruise the aisles, it’s all strange to me, the colours
& the shapes of things, all wrong. Found what you wanted,
a present to start your day with a smile, show you I was listening,
bought from the lady preparing carrier bags for fast shoppers,
smiled, got one back, left with a spring under both feet.
Two builders laughing, happy in the sun, stocked up on snacks.
Shades on, turn the key, spirits up & rising, recounting stuff
I could’ve done better, make a mental note to own up to my
faults, pocket full of laughs to bring home, bird song,
spring flowers, early blossom, park, lock, walk through the
front door smiling.

“What’s wrong?” you asked


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