Wednesday 22nd April



There’s a fish outside the off-stump, a herd of kangaroos transform
into deer outside the bedroom window, the first three stars
of the Big Bang burn with the light of a Hundred Million SUN’s,
the radio transmits the location of violent hotspots, there’s a drop
in the stats on drunken aggression & GBH has dwindled ’cause we’re
all indoors gaming. Everything is ok says the radio & getting better,
in the run up to a general election, feel my feet leave the ground,
I’m levitating on all this good news, no news in contradiction,
all wars are on pause, everybody’s back at work & building new homes,
rebuilding bridges between communities torn apart, everything that
was looted has been returned, all memories of horrors perpetrated
have been eradicated, the slate has been wiped cleaned & the
kettle’s on. There’s a fish outside the off-stumps, but I don’t know
what that means, Dali dances in the airwaves.


One thought on “Wednesday 22nd April

  1. “There’s a fish outside the off-stumps”
    Could it represent the parallel universe? 🙂

    Today I visited the Kröckert exhibition again and later I was on a lecture, listened to Peter Enoksson, a Professor in Microtechnology and Nanoscience at Tekniska Museet in Stockholm.
    When I came home I opened the exhibition catalogue and started to read:
    “…The details are not only evidence of great craftsmanship. The jewelry and ornament on the costumes are reminiscent of printed circuit boards and similar precision mechanics….”


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