Wednesday 29th April



The twins take me West to the Emerald City, trawl the streets
for poetry, photograph the cracks & funny stuff you leave around,
it makes me laugh out  loud some days, your stuff transmitting
sculptural comedy. Have to leave the idyll of the country.
If I only had these fields for company it would drive me to tea!


5 thoughts on “Wednesday 29th April

  1. Joy + relapse my heart sank. I read on and giggled at my foolish self. I was heading out into the verdant today and you heading in to the dulcet tones. I can’t skip around fields of green when my feet are heavy with clay. Tomorrow I will scratch the wanderlust itch, that has been with me for days. I’ll just wrap music around me today. Rain falls, but the Sun shines on my heart.

  2. Don’t want disturb your conversation with karen but karl,if you leave the idyll of the country(what does it mean?),you may have time visiting a nice place,where a tea wants to be drunken by you.Sad enough to say,that there shell be only one year time here.

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