Sunday 31st May



It’s so nice out
Everything is perfect
There was a bar on the beach
I mean I love Chicago
And there was a bar with all these Chicago signs made me feel right at home I mean
If you’ve never been to America you should really go to New York I mean I love Chicago ’cause that’s where I live like if you go to LA that’s totally different I mean I haven’t had a burger the whole time I’ve been here I’ve been eating these little bread things with oils on I have to try a burger in Berlin can you recommend a place? Is there really good like design museums & modern art galleries is there like a war museum or something oh yeah I hear it’s like somber or something make me cry a little bit can you recommend coffee?
I’ve only had like cheap beer all week I could do with a little cocktail – what? Beer is cheaper than water? I was in a taxi in Barcelona and the taxi driver wouldn’t take the tip he was like ‘no I’m not going to take it’ and it was like only two euros or something so we dropped it in the front seat like ‘here’s your tip, we wanna give it to you’ you said, it’s the best pizza you ever had, better than Italy? We have it in Chicago too they like fly ingredients fresh in from Florence how much is a beer in Germany? You’ll be shocked when you come to America how expensive beer is and it’s not like even good – you’d have to pay like nine dollars for something like that. We only have four or five days so…
Is there a bus tour like an on & off?
Is it a bike city? Do they have good lanes and stuff?
So – no plans to go to America soon?
No – I don’t feel I’m part of the system



7 thoughts on “Sunday 31st May

  1. Hey Karl,

    My friends in Berlin all recommended the Ban Ban Kitchen if you fancy a bit of Asian taste of burger. It is not far from the Tempelhofer Feld, just outside of the central Berlin. The address is Hermannstrasse 205, 12049 Berlin Neukölln.

    Enjoy your day.


  2. This is what I call a hashtag person, no breathing between words. A mind chaotic, frenetic. Makes your head hurt. The Small Faces, Mad John.

  3. Oh dear. No, that wasn’t me going on about Chicago again, I promise! (Although I would love to see you perform here again one day, this isn’t the time to push it after you’re probably exhausted from traveling and giving your all in performance a continent away. Looking foward in Hollywood, though!)

    I’m intrigued by the new Matthew Herbert – only have had a quick skim so far, but it’s full of wonderfully clattery sounds:

  4. Why you guys not playing nyc! The expensive beer ha x I’m Irish living here me and my best mate coming to see you’s in LA thanks for the trip!
    U met my mate in times sq last time you’s played roseland ballroom u signed his passport lol it’s now void classic! Can’t wait til 21st June!

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