Wednesday 10th June



Longchain stickman laughing, leaning on a coffee, dressed in Black.

“Oh Yeah”

At the side of a road where metal moves fast & cruel, everything’s
a little more expensive. Blow your horn of dust, the past reaches out,
perfect honey, don’t crack, tongues of the old folk click & clack,
couples letting time slip away, nothing better to do, casting
shadows at the original drive-through, red chalk heart on a Blackboard
wall. I watch you shelter, take a drag, look around t check, make that
jazz-cool face, fingers in twos, pink stick squeeze, squinting
into the sun as a saxophone bellows reaches up from the dark,
leviathan, love struck on heat are you feeling it? In the wind,
in the sun, are you listening? Drawn to it’s dusk, it’s dawn,
basement Blue notes, hunched over the horn, smoke curls from between
the fingers, lips part, inhale, cool on the corner watching the Goths.


4 thoughts on “Wednesday 10th June

  1. Welcome break, always promise more than they give. My internet is coming and going on the breeze, my wifi up the creek without a paddle. Just as well got a lot of work to do, well not work, creating. Beefheart keeps me company.

  2. That’s true,i felt the lovely wind around…than with an short hit into me,o how i love breathing,not to forget this softly kiss,facinierend…and it was realy you!?

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