Tuesday 16th June



I got my porridge & tea. I got my car & radio, drive & surf
the airwaves, find a cafe, plot up & write every morning on
the way into the studio. I’m happy. I see Rick & I get happier,
I try & fail & it’s ok, because, tomorrow we do it again & it
all adds up. Some days something electric falls out, some days
sounds with no home to go to. The telephone rings & there are
only three people I answer on studio days with Rick.
I load the car with pedals & guitars, words written, inspired
by conversations with my mate. Sometimes we write them together,
it’s ALL ‘together’ to me, every conversation we have goes
direct into the bone, effects my ears, my choice of listening
as I walk the streets, the way I move my pen across the paper.
We work together, laugh together, get tired together, seven
days a week, planes, cars, buses, hotels, airports, festival
stages. There’s a look we pass between us, an electricity
transmitted in a grin, I have no idea where it came from or
what took it so long to get here, but now it’s got it’s own
front door key & can let it’s self in.
Essex looks beautiful today, like every day, smells good &
green & blacktop. I’ll miss it like I always do when we’re
away, but it’s too good to stay gone for long, hold my table
in the window at my favourite cafe, tell the waitress I’ll be
back, she knows my order, keep my guitars clean & tuned & ready,
when the plane touches down in London I’ll need to play them all,
no matter what the weather, I’ll be grinning, ear-to-ear –
keeping it simple.


5 thoughts on “Tuesday 16th June

  1. I think I love this the most out of your recent diary posts. Good friends are golden. I’ve had many of mine since I was a child. There is a deep knowing connection that is totally different from the ones we have with our life partners. The tribes are starting to gather for the midsummer, I shall be on my way soon and then to Merthyr as the wheel of life turns and I say a goodbye with many hello’s. It’s the roots that I was grown from.

  2. Thank You Karl for Sharing the Essence of Love, the Unmistakable, Magnetic Pull, that Reveals an Affinity for Emotions that Test the Longevity of Time and Win, It Sinks in,like Warm Porridge and Tea. Luv, B.

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