14 thoughts on “Monday 22nd June

  1. It was amazing and wonderful but TOO SHORT! Only an hour and 20 minutes and you didn’t even do all of Dubnobass… What happened? I’ve seen you all over the world and this was one of your best shows but not enough of your amazing life altering music. Even Journey played 2 1/2 hours the night before (no, I didn’t go!)

  2. I’ve been a huge fan for the past 18 or so years; finally got to see Underworld last night. Without a doubt the most spiritual / religious experience for me with non stop goosebumps for the duration of the all too brief show this Sunday at Hollywood.

    So grateful they unexpectedly redefined the genre and are still spreading the love today.

    The show was a bit short; but understandably, as it was an intense one. Hoped to see Juanita & King of Snake… maybe next time.

    Hippies have Grateful Dead, Electroheads like me have Underworld.

  3. Fabulous, indeed. Thank you. You’re beautiful.

    The end came too soon, but it has a habit of doing such things.

    It was lovely to watch all the new kit, in person. Sounded great.

    There was so much happy energy that I was smiling all through my flight home.

    Detroit calls thee.

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