Thursday 2nd June



Sleepless driver, shiver, fist, fever, fear, darkness the overcoat,
honeypot gold. Lipstick smiles wow! Money, look around.
Birthday Doha they closed the world, but you keep moving.
Shine, never sleep at the wheel. The sirens slip away shaking.
Sweet tart sounding out for a random drive. I just need some rain,
it’s been really heavy, chasing the swarm.


6 thoughts on “Thursday 2nd June

  1. We had rain ,thunder and lightning GALORE…the most lightning i’ve ever seen at 2.30 am this morning up here in Aberdeen …so awesome…creeping about my house in awe as it lit up constantly…absolutely loved it :-)…….scorchio sunny day again today ….

      • I don’t think i could stand the heat down there…26 here today and that is boiling for my neck of the woods…heavy air again now so hoping for another mega thunder storm later…hope you get the same to clear the air with you 🙂

  2. Rain came and was dry on the pavements in an instant. I want those lush electrical storms that make the hair stand on end. Feel cooler for Saturday and Barking town square to enjoy the live music and art for all and for free, as it should be.

  3. Apparently 36,000 lightening bolts between 8 am yest and 8 am today…in the North of England and Scotland :-O !

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