Sunday 26th July



What’s that jam stuff you got on your bread with cheese-eggs,
sausage-cheese, cheese-cornflakes? Seven black teas later I
eventually get the ‘hit’, feeling that first astringent bight of
the weekend. In the breakfast ballroom, where last night’s wedding
party still raged at 4:00am, I sit alone with my friend the giant
flower as far from speed-talking, leaning into the torrent from
each other’s mouths across the linen. They got control of the
flat-screen on the wall today, the morning infecting with poptastic
saccharin. The DJ’s & their girlfriends float in dazed, whispering
& clean, grazing the buffet of weird things. An old man presses his
face up to the window, cups his hands around his eyes & stares.
The waiter with the blue satin cummerbund opens the door to chase
him away, but he’s already gone. I Feel a fresh air kiss for the
first time last time before we tumble back into the sky.
Imagining the polyrhythmic magic of George Formby’s wrist.


4 thoughts on “Sunday 26th July

  1. George Formby a blast from my childhood all those wonderful black & white movies. So the old fella wasn’t cleaning windows. Europop’s a bit well you know. Have a safe journey ohm.

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