Tuesday 4th August



First day back in the studio, somewhere different for a change.
Load the car with weirdness, remember to pack an open mind.
The cornfields of Essex are radiant, like those gold reflectors
photographers assistants stick under your chin to make you look
healthy when you’ve just crawled in from a late night, but you’re
on a deadline for those oh so important press shots when you feel
& look like shite. Everything looks better when the corn’s around.
There’s a quiet ‘waiting’ sound at the back of the day, a hissing
that calms me down, clears a space in the head I didn’t know I had
for random magic to slip in unnoticed.


5 thoughts on “Tuesday 4th August

  1. Was hoping we might see you if you had a wander around Camp B Karl, you used to knock around with my wife’s Dad, Jeff W in Cardiff way back when. Sadly we didn’t, but saw your set in the evening. 8 rows back from front, Life affirming and i danced and grinned. Cheers x

  2. You’re a child of the corn 😉 Radiant yourself with good vibrations, back in the studio with Rick is great. Looking forward to the new music. Have a great day.

  3. Fake gold reflectors…
    Can never replace…
    Natural golden daylight…
    The world is full of staged…
    Stuffy shite photographs*

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