Thursday 13th August



Yesterday at Lemonworld getting crude with guitars, ‘trying’
to make a sound I like that jumps out. The concept of ‘soloing’
baffles me, like being colour-blind. I’m not looking for sinuous
virtuosity or a dazzling burst of speed, I’m just trying to let
the animal out to play. It’s a tough for a boy who’s spent most
of his life either up-tight, toeing the line or locking onto
a machine groove for an extended cycle of tranced-out funk.
Rick plays wild-n-free guitar better than me, but I have to
keep trying. The animal is in there, I just got to find the door.


5 thoughts on “Thursday 13th August

  1. Never held a guitar in my hand but if you could show me how to play… Oh, dear God!… 🙂
    The alternative option could be to try out the buttons on your new amp. I mean in order to get the necessary distraction, focusing on buttons and sounds instead of notes, to get you off piste.

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