Saturday 15th August



As the blacktop snakes between the fields, following the rolling
contours of a landscape I was once desperate to escape, another
elephant gets off me. This is the place I come to in my head when
I want to slow down, abandoning myself to the rhythm of verdant
hedgerows exploding with new shoots & the fabulous cacophony of
summer weeds. I straighten out on the patchwork beats of lazy
fields. Chuckle under breath at comedic brutalist straw. Box
sculptures waiting dumb-faced-naked for collection. Close cropped
pastures crave the teeth of underpaid milkers. The homes of
foresters & back woods people I imagine myself to be, hide at
the ends of uninviting gravel avenues. The scent of Oak, Pine,
hawthorn, elderberry & brier. Reverb-ed birds call from branches
filtering dappled sunlight, high above cool paths cut through
indigenous sandstone festooned with bare root & the dance of
vibrant fern. The steam whistle of a train ricochets up the valley.
Down below us a river, imagining it’s self concealed, idles in the
shade of willow over-hang. Breath exhales deep, low & clean.
Time slows, stops, goes backwards & I forget…


One thought on “Saturday 15th August

  1. Ah lovely, a sight to behold. The verdant is good at times such as this wiping away the things that burden us. You were up early today, my sleep was not quality as it sometimes is. You crept into my dream briefly and I awoke laughing, I can’t remember what you were doing but it tickled the ribs. I remember thinking you’re a bit of a joker. A good way to wake up. Have a good day 😉 This seems right..

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