Sunday 23rd August



Back on the island enjoying gentle rain & clean air after three days
of heat & sleepless dust. Two gigs beyond belief, two roaring crowds
free-flowing energy back to us as the kick drum drops. Watching the
bands that took the stage earlier in the day I was unsettled by the
screams of their crowds, uncertain if we could raise a response even
half of what they all got. But the second we stepped out on both
stages, both nights, the noise coming to us from the crowd tore
the roof off. The fact that no one left & everyone left smiling
was reward enough for the sleep deprived travelling, showering with
borrowed gel, towelling off with t-shirts & breathing air-conditioned
dust for three days. When the stage crew & security shake your hand
you know something special happened, but I don’t know what it was
& it happened both nights. Was I there?


4 thoughts on “Sunday 23rd August

  1. You are loved wherever you go. How many people can get that kind of reward for their work? You give us so much I hope what you get back is enough. Your fans are without doubt some of the best on the planet. Feet up and a cuppa, enjoy.

  2. Your shows are always something special. And usually over much, much too quickly. 2 nights of Underworld? Oh, to live in the UK :/

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