Wednesday 26th August



A woman in a raincoat with a handbag reads the local rag
at ‘my table’. Yesterday it was a suit with a lap top
full of facts so of heavy he needed it more than me. Yesterday
morning all my facts were light – fair swap. John Martyn plays
Solid Air for my porridge, tea & poetry. Pulling the tea bag out
with bare fingers ’till the hot water burns I know I’m still
alive. Having nightmares every night, waking with gas clouds of
disconnected stuff bouncing round my head, but I’m sober, walking
straight, no desire to deviate. It’ll be ok – right?
If this is as bad as it gets I’m quids in. Pass the porridge


3 thoughts on “Wednesday 26th August

  1. Keeping it real and keeping it simple (when life on its own terms allows) is one out of our tool box. The nightmares I can deal with, it’s the daymares that give me the jitters. Reconnecting with my home group tonight, the beautifully damaged of N16. I’m still here after 5 yrs walking my clean path. What more do I need? Nothing 😉

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