Saturday 5th September



Stirring the Irish sea in our wake we cross back over to
the other side. Picture taking each other on the deck in
sunlit spray. All the Blues & Whites come out to play to
the song of rust. The hills of North Wales as we dock
preserve memories of childhood hiding in the dunes, scooping
dreams out of streams with tiny green plastic nets on
the ends of spindly canes. The cry of gulls scavenging
between buses loaded with stars, queueing to take our place.
Ireland has never let us down, nor do I believe it ever will.
The kickdrum speaks & we dance together. Casting off rain’s
lame attempt to bring us down. Dark becomes luminous.
Night chimes with smiles.


4 thoughts on “Saturday 5th September

  1. Good to hear that you came home safe!

    While you were away U2 discovered the amazement with their own lyrics again. Zooropa made its European tour debut with huge screens showing images of the movement of refugees to the lyrics:

    “And I have no compass
    And I have no map
    And I have no reasons
    No reasons to get back

    And I have no religion
    And I don’t know what’s what
    And I don’t know the limit
    The limit of what we’ve got”

    Still find it quite interesting, you know…all these astounding coincidences that we often find in art, on the streets or simply in some conversations in a cafe.

    Found John Mayer whom I haven’t heard about until recently.
    So many good thoughts shielded by so many tattoos, but he is a pretty good guitar player.

  2. Great show on Fri, always great to have you at the Picnic. You mentioned something about a great sound check, would be interested to read how Underworld sound check, which songs, which instruments etc. we arrived on site around 2pm on Fri and could have sworn I heard 2 Months Off coming from the main stage before the arena opened, I could be mistaken, it could have been coming from a hi-fi in a tent, but the chorus was swirling in the wind as I walked to the campsite.

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