Thursday 8th October



I was too busy, too fast, to enjoy the sun rising low & gold
over the fields sending thick shadows running from it’s pink
& copper light. The fingers danced across the keys, too focused
on another & another thing to stop & eat. Kettle on a loop,
eventually clutching mug in the sun, telephone strapped to
an ear. The customary two hours of worry, lay awake before
the 06:00 alarm leaves me rinsed, nothing left, at the other end
of the day. But today, between the race to get the next thing
& the next thing finished, I had a miniature breakthrough
& tasted success. We don’t measure ‘hits’ ’round here in chart
positions, but if we did today’s entry would be top 5.
It’s the little things now that are massive, the grams not
the megga-grams, the ounces not the tons. So I danced a dance of
happy feet & made a face smile temporarily. Downed tools,
flicking through channels as I drove through the fields to the
shed of dreams. No rush, no stress, window down for a full face
of warm Autumn wind. It takes a light foot on the pedal to go
where I’ve been.


2 thoughts on “Thursday 8th October

  1. Great diary entry, it’s always the smallest things that make the difference. Small steps of progress are so metimes the greatest of leaps. It’s a beautiful day enjoy.

  2. (….’to the shed of dreams’…….)

    Well there was a man who lived in a shed
    Spent most of his days out of his head
    For his shed was rotten let in the rain
    Said it was enough to drive any man insane
    Well this story is not so very new
    But the man is me, yes and the girl is you
    So leave your house come into my shed
    Please stop my world from raining through my head
    Please don’t think
    I’m not your sort
    You’ll find that sheds are nicer than you thought.


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