Monday 19th October



Dylan’s been in my head since 5:00am singing ‘Ring Them Bells’
on a loop. I don’t mean the studio version, I’m taking about
the one on the Bootleg series with the fluffs & mumblings.
I like that one best, been listening to it every train, plane
& bus ride I been on. Been craving a pedal steel player to jam,
hang out, throw stuff around with for years & for that this version
just kills me.
The pedal steel is a  seamstress’ needle, threading everything
together. A healing hand, the sound of the surf, the harmonic
overtones of long wave broadcasts. Now the black’s turned grey,
the night turns back, leaving the sun with it’s face pressed up
against the glass behind another milk sky & I’ve exhausted all
the versions I can find, cooking up another train ride.


3 thoughts on “Monday 19th October

  1. Don’t like steels myself too sharp and the twing twang shreds me like running through a glass door. I’ve really tried with it but to no avail. I am though a little bit country….

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