Thursday 22nd October



So Bob, firstly thanks for laying off the bells last night.
I got the best sleep in days without a single tinkle.
However, when I woke you seemed to take this as a signal
to kick off again, which frankly wasn’t what we agreed
& though I turned 5 Live up loud they kept breaking through.
Ding-sodding-Dong the whole morning – I got neck ache now.
Perhaps you could take the rest of the week off?


4 thoughts on “Thursday 22nd October

  1. Everytime you say ding dong my mind goes to Lesley Phillips and I can’t help but chuckle. Sorry you’re being tormented though. Ego’s flying through the air in N16 last night, the most difficult committee meeting I’ve ever been a part of. God grant us came to mind. New day, new dawn no space in this head for vexations of the soul.

  2. Tinitus huh! I am fully in empathy…I have Menieres and that is like a full blown fair ground ride that I really want to get off, and you can forget the candy floss…all the not fun of the fair! Just try not to focus on it, it is like Freddy Kruger once you start acknowledging its existence..I know.. easier said than done. Take care

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