Saturday 24th October



The sky over Essex is Japanese paper, thick & grey & low.
But even in this dulled light the Autumn leaves put on
a show that would shame a Rave. Driving North between
avenues of Maples I remember the first time we caught
a train out of Grand Central up the coast to Boston
in the fall. The trees that year had the contrast
turned up full like 1970’s colour tv’s.
I’d never seen nature look so fake.


3 thoughts on “Saturday 24th October

  1. Odd isn’t it how naturally vivid the colours can be. When I first came into recovery I couldn’t believe how vivid the colours were or how sharp the sounds were. The colours and volume had been turned down low. Autumn is my favourite season along with Spring. Have a great day.

  2. Drugs distort more than contribute to those sensitive senses that can see and hear behind everyday reality. But of course, what do I know about the power of the psychedelics. I have only experience of drinking alcohol sometimes.

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