Friday 13th November



Oxygen starved in a box with a bed without opening windows.
Choose between an air-con-stripped throat or headache.
The latter brings the joys of neg-head & treacle leg,
but it’s preferable to not having a voice to sing with.
The upside is I like the number 13 & it’s Friday brother
makes me chuckle as others scuttle for talismans & cover.
Another hole for the sky, another leap of faith. The pain of
separation from family & home & bin day. The thrill of smiles,
of reunions, of focus, groove & adrenaline. Looking down on
Solaris clouds, remembering the first time, every time we
leave the ground. A pocketful of gratitude still to counter
any grounds for complaint.


5 thoughts on “Friday 13th November

  1. Beautiful diary entry Karl. I don’t roll with all that Friday 13th nonsense. My youngest daughter was born on a Friday 13th there was nothing unlucky about that. Anyway I’m not a Knights Templar and this is where this came from. Safe travels to the warmer climes of Spain and have a great weekend.

  2. Kinda Black Friday:
    Life goes in circles, arounds and around, circulating
    I sometimes wonder what’s moving underground, I’m escaping
    I’ve found a way to break through this cellophane line
    ‘Cause I know what’s going on in my own mind…..

    ….only two more days to vacacion! 🙂

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