Saturday 28th November



Big man rides a chimney up a crowded street. Slow man rings
the bell. “Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah!” The mayor in chains & furs.
Three cornered feathered heads nod in solemn procession.
The choir follow, full throated in festive song, satisfied.
The Donkey & the rider next & the guide in robes as children.
The “oohs & ahhhs” to see such sweet naiveté untarnished.
And close behind, the town undertaker waves from Santa’s
sleigh, pulled by a feared-up reindeer, who’s hooves beat
a groove on the freezing, rain-soaked black-top.
Marking time for a cloud of harlequin drummers.
Cinnamon Apple, Mulled wine, Burger, Fries & Toffee Apple.
Mugs of steaming tea clutched between mittened fingers.


One thought on “Saturday 28th November

  1. Loverly. My Saturday not too dissimilar, tea, hugs and service with a smile. The N16 committee pulls it off again. Cash raised for area to help the many that come into the rooms. Love, compassion and understanding.

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