Thursday 3rd December



Intermittently sleepless, disturbed all night. One time feels
I’ve been slapped up the head, sit up, look around, nothing.
Woken at 4am by some crazy playing ‘Sweet Child of Mine’
on the street outside my window. Electric guitar cranked up
to eleven. He’s good, poin-point precise, so it doesn’t piss
me off. Then this gorilla flings open a window grunting & growls
– geeza-speak, “Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!” Kicks off an hysterical girl
who laughs mad, uncontrollably provocative. Now ‘that’ starts
to irritate me – not the LA rock machine busking to no one.
Eventually fall back to sleep, dreaming I’m outside the Roxy
at night with sleek 1950’s autos cruising slow custom paint jobs
past lines of pouting 80’s poodle boys.


4 thoughts on “Thursday 3rd December

  1. I can see you 😉 This made me chuckle no end. Love the grinning skull, why do I get the feeling only you could have a night like this? A serenade and a hairy man, brilliant.

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